All we ask our clients to do is talk to people that want what they have to offer. Imagine waking up and walking into appointments, phone calls, emails, and messages every week with new prospects. Use the same calendar you use every day to manage your time and we'll set the appointments around your availability. If you can check your email and calendar, you'll have no issues at all.

We'll Set the Appointments, You Deliver the Value Prop.

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Letting Your Competition Pay For Traffic Isn't Lazy. That's Smart!

We Use Ai and Big Data to Identify Your Competitors Website Visitors

Target Your Competitions Traffic

Targeting Consumer Actions Online

A Consumer looking online for a good or service to fulfill their current needs is "InMarket". Huge companies are paying for that InMarket traffic via PPC, TV, Print, Content, and Radio. We target that traffic and cherry pick the ones most likely to buy. Then we help our clients get in front of that behavior with a "People-Based Marketing Campaign" meant to convert traffic into sales.

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1. Web Search

When you want to buy something, what's the very first thing you do? You ask Google how to get it without getting taken advantage of. ​​​​​​​We target that behavior. ​​​​​​​

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3. Multiple Targets

Prospects are on your site and your competitors right now but who are they? We'll train our Ai to monitor the sites and build a weekly list of leads to market to.

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2. People Based Marketing

If you know who is searching for what you sell, it is not only more cost-effective to market to them, you can market to them on any platform they might be on.  



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Introducing  "S.A.M.M." (Self Automated Marketing Machine) a state of the art software that was designed to create algorithms on the behaviors people commit before they buy any good or service. All sales start online and S.A.M.M. can be trained to identify people in zip codes who are searching for what your company specializes in providing. The only thing better than a referral is marketing to people InMarket to buy in the near future. We are able to get your offers in front of that traffic in multiple ways since we know who it is, what they are shopping for, and in many cases, we have their contact details already because of our massive database. Our "Lazy Leads" done for you program takes all of the heavy lifting off your plate. We offer all aspects of online and offline marketing in our custom made packages. Contact us for a custom quote for you business. 


Our goal is only setting appointments for you with the InMarket Consumers S.A.M.M. finds in your exclusive territory. What you're buying are the Keywords people use to search for what you offer that is within your territory. We give your agency the entire State as your exclusive territory and market to those consumers on your behalf. If your company is not large enough to handle the entire state and all the leads we generate, this probably won't be a good fit for you. We are looking for companies aggressively looking to grow their business and that have the bandwidth to handle a massive influx of new business monthly. 

✓  Calendar intergration schedules appointments automatically

✓   Full technical team to seamlessly integrate with your marketing

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We Work Around Your Schedule.

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Our Lazy Leads "Done For You Suite" of offerings will allow you to focus on closing more clients and on growing your business. We'll take the advertising and the lead flow off your hands completely. 

With our People-Based Marketing Campaigns, your prospects will see your Ads everywhere they go online and even offline with our special card delivery services. Everything is connected to our proprietary appointment setting system that connects directly to your calendar. No new software to learn. Simply look at your calendar and get notified by email of every new prospect that signs up. 

Reserve your territory today. Tomorrow your competition may have already taken it, so don't delay. 


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Keywords - Websites - Behaviors - Identity

First, we'll design a strategy specifically for your business and provide a custom quote based on your onboarding form info. Next, we'll train S.A.M.M. to identify InMarket consumers in your target area(s). We determine what keywords to target, which competitor websites are important and then we create algorithms that identify the path to purchase used by your prospects. Then we get in front of those prospects for you and set appointments.

If you have a CRM keeping track of where the lead came from and when they became a customer, we can look at the last 6 months of sales to see what they did and help S.A.M.M. learn faster. Starting out, it needs to know what is important and where they went before they bought to create the algorithms quicker. If you don't have that, don't worry, we have a workaround for that issue. 

==> Download Onboarding Form

Step 1. Client Onboarding

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Calendar - CRM - Website - Landing Pages

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Our intent is not to come in and disrupt what is working in your business. We want to use that to our advantage as we seamlessly integrate our technology and lead flow into what is already working.

​​​​​​​If we can reduce your software stack and your monthly costs you can believe we will show you options. Our team can take over technical maintenance of your website, we can automate your social media posting with compliant content, and we can use your calendar to set appointments while you run your business.

Step 2. Tech Integration 

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Ads - Videos - Content - Calls to Action

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All sales start online now and if you don't have an online presence you're not going to be able to cash in on digital marketing. People don't want to make a mistake, so they start by educating themselves on how to find the best Insurance Carriers or the best financial managers and not get taken advantage of. Your brand has to be seen first! 

So your Ads are going to get them to go and learn about how to do this and of course, you're the answer! But you have to get in front of them earlier then your competition does so they are comparing everyone else to you. You are the expert!

Step 3. Creatives and Ads

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InMarket Onboarding Process

We don't just deliver leads, we deliver sales outcomes.

Leads With a Reason to Buy Now

We offer a wide array of services, technology, and the lazy leads system is our "Done For You" platform that targets InMarket consumers. We look at each client individually and take a step by step approach to designing the perfect plan for their ability, budget, and technology. Click the button below to choose a time to speak with a representative, or call us at 1-888-841-1494.

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Testing & Support

The key to success in digital marketing is to always be testing and tracking analytics of your sites and pages. You can't improve what you can't measure and A-B testing is our specialty. 

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Design & Development

Once we know what keywords and websites your prospects are visiting, we create landing pages and Ad campaigns that can target the prospects anywhere they are online.

This is Where Business Gets Done =>

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Prospect Reserach

First we research where people in your area start to educate themselves on what they are looking to buy. What keywords and sites they visit before they make a purchase.