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Door Knocking is Dead Due to COVID-19

Don't let COVID-19 ruin your 2020. Your potential clients are at home searching for a contractor. Work with us and get ahead of the storm. Winter is Coming...

Prior to hiring contractors people search online​​​​

Before anyone makes a decision to replace their roof or do Ti's they start online. They educate themselves on local contractors and what to do next. 

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Our Ai tracks online search behavior down to the URL, so our inspection setting department knows who, how, and when to reach out to the contact.

Our Artificial Intelligence targets sales outcomes

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Don't throw marketing  

money out the window 

We'll know Who is InMarket for a roof in your area, so you no longer have to pay for ridiculously high and marginally effective PPC or cold leads.

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Multi-channel marketing is easy if you have the data

The data we have allows us to target prospects for pennies on search engines, as well as social sites & blogs. Email, text, VM drops, mailers, & follow-up calls generate inspections & bids.

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Keeping a client is easier than getting a new one​​​​

Connect your CRM to our database and we'll tell you if one of your current leads is looking at your competition so your sales dept can reach out to them.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Do you have a database of potential leads to target?

With our CRM integration, all the leads you have can be targeted for online search behavior. The minute they are In-Market again you'll know right away.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Do you know who is visiting your website?​​​​

Whether your budget is spent on TV, PPC, Mailers, Cold Calls, emails, or content the customer will search for your site. We'll tell you who they are. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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We specialize in exclusive commercial roofing leads​​​​​​​

Our system identifies high dollar opportunities for roof replacements in storm-damaged areas and the people who make the decisions on them.

Don't Let COVID-19 Ruin 2020​​​​​​​

As you know everyone is going to be reluctant to open their doors to your sales guys. So how are you going to get roofing deals now that you can't meet face to face?

For many years we have been creating software to automate business activities and marketing tasks. In 2018 we finalized our database monitored by Ai software and now have trained it to understand InMarket behavior based on search, sites visited, and content interaction. In 2019 we inspected $575M of damaged roofs with $50M contracted and $275M still in the pipeline going through the closing process.

We are now offering this system to select new clients who engage in commercial roofing and contracting with gross revenues over $20mm annually. We may make exceptions to this rule if we feel you offer amazing contracting services and can handle the volumes we have to offer. 

This is an exclusive offer for a very limited time to new clients

You owe it to yourself, to investors, employees, and their families to stay in business through this difficult time. They are counting on you and this is your way to succeed. 

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Get Qualified as Vendor

This is a simple process that even your least technical guys can quickly grasp. Once you're an approved vendor we'll enter into a 90-day agreement after which a review of your performance will decide if we want to continue. No long term contracts and fees repaid in rev share.

Tier One Roofer

 1st Right of Refusal in Territory

 Monthly Investment Based on State(s)

 Website Smart Pixel - Identity Resolution

 Branding on Marketing & Website

 Three Month Minimum - No Contract

 90 Day Review to Increase your ROI

 Be last of the Three on Bid Work

​​​​​​​ Revenue Share - % of Contracts Setup

Tier Two Roofer

 2nd Right of Refusal in Territory

​​​​​​​ Monthly Investment Based on State(s)

 Website Smart Pixel - Identity Resolution

 Branding on Marketing and Website

 Three Month Minimum - No Contract

 90 Day Reviews to Increase Your ROI

 ​​​​​​​2nd of Our Three on Bid Work

 Revenue Share - % of Contracts Setup

 Need a website? $2,500 -$25,000

 Professional Video - $5,000 - $25,000

 APP Development - $50,000 - $150k

 Smart Pixel - $1,500 + $0.25 a Record

 Tier Three Roofer - Lead Fee + 20%

 Be One of Three Bids - Fee + 20%

 Online Marketing Consultation - $150hr

Secondary Services

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Tier One Taken

Tier Two Taken

Both Tiers Taken

I am so confident that if we take you as a tier 1 or 2 roofing vendor, that I'll guarantee you'll 10X your monthly marketing investment if you use this simple system. In the event we are not able to meet the expectations laid out in our agreement because we didn't bring you the opportunities to do so, we'll continue for free until we have covered your costs plus 100%.

~Give us 90 days to elevate your ways~

Andrew Spaulding - Owner