We'll tell you who, you Deliver the Value Proposition

All you want your salespeople to do is talk to people that want what you have to offer. Right? They wake up and walk into a day knowing who they are going to be reaching out to and why. Most likely we can use the same CRM you use every day to manage your marketplace.  Sales teams will grow in confidence which will increase their closing ratios from the Insight they'll have. And they can work from home!

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Exclusive InMarket Data For Marketplace Tracking, Transparency, & Sales Insight

In-Market B2B Sales Insight

Use Our Technology To Monitor Your Marketplace

An InMarket Consumer is a person looking to buy a good or service online. All sales start online with a search by the buyer to educate themselves before purchasing. We specialize in finding consumers looking to buy what you offer right now based on Geography, Keywords, and websites visited.   

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1. Web Search

When you want to buy something, what's the very first thing you do? You ask Google how to get it without getting taken advantage of.
​​​​​​​We target that behavior. 

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2. People Based Marketing

If you know who is searching for what you sell, it is not only more cost-effective to market to them, you can market to them on any platform they might be on with greater success.

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3. Identity Resolution

Your company can now track and monitor your marketplace's digital behavior using identity resolution. With identity resolution, you have the ability to identify by name, who is actively researching a purchase of what your company sells, including those prospects on your website.

Targeting InMarket Consumers


Marketplace Monitored by Ai

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We use Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to monitor an online search database to analyze InMarket consumer behavior. Why is that important?  These are prospects who are actively researching and pursuing a purchase or solution. Our machine learning Ai analyzes multiple prospect behaviors such as keyword search, URL level navigation, content consumption, and ad campaign response to determine who, when, and why someone is in the market to buy.

Marketplace Tracking

Every business has similar needs but each marketplace is a bit different on how the consumers make buying decisions there. "Marketplace Tracking" is an amazing technology that integrates into your CRM and literally tells your sales team who is InMarket in your database every day.  This information is invaluable when applied to a finely tuned sales machine that will confidently know who to call and why they are reaching out to the prospect. 

  API connects your CRM to our Database of known consumers

  When a person in your CMR is "InMarket" it flags them

  Sales people get a notification of who to contact right now


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Design & Deployment

Once we know what keywords and websites your prospects are visiting, our Ai targets search, landing pages, and Ad campaigns to determine who is getting ready to buy what our clients offer.

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Real-Time Notifications

The key to success in this digital age is getting there first and providing what your lead needs now. By enriching your CRM with Ai we'll alert you when a lead or a current client is InMarket.

This is Where the Magic Happens

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Prospect Reserach

First we research where people in your area start to educate themselves on what they are looking to buy. What keywords and sites they visit before they make a purchase.

You Can't Buy What You Don't Remeber.


70% of people buy from the last Ad they see. If you think about it, the attention span of most people is almost zero, so you have to be in front of your prospects during the time that they are searching for your solution to their problem. 

By retargeting and remarketing to your prospects, they'll see your Ads everywhere they go online and even offline if you are sending postcards and form letters to the prospects as well. You're everywhere they are and you can bet that you'll be making impressions. 

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Keywords - Websites - Behaviors - Identity

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First, we onboard your past sales which will train our Ai to identify InMarket shoppers in your area. What keywords do they use, what websites did they visit, social media interacted with, and then we create algorithms that identify the path to purchase used by your prospects. 

If you have a CRM, we can usually look at your last 6 months of sales and then go back 6 months prior to them buying from you to see what they did. This helps the Ai learn faster what is important and where they went before they bought.

Client Onboarding

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We deliver exclusive leads each week to you and only you!  We never resell your data or ours to your competitors.

InMarket Sales Delivered

Client Website Identity Resolution

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Company - Name - Address - Phone - Email - Behavior

We deliver fresh batches of leads that were on your website for your marketing team to dig into and start going after. If you don't have a marketing team or online sales funnel, take a look at the Lazy Leads section of this website to learn more about our "done for you" services. 

This "Smart Pixel" goes on your website footer so that your marketing efforts are not wasted just because someone went to your site and didn't fill out a form. We can tell you 60-80% of who was visiting your website or online marketing campaigns. Even if you sell face to face before they buy they'll check you out online. 

If you found this page, you know what we do works.

We offer a wide array of digital services, technology, and consulting. We do not offer pricing quotes online as each client has different needs, so please, choose a time that works for you to speak with one of our friendly experts. Or call me direct at 1-602-931-1511​​​​​​​ and I'll get back to you ASAP.